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Steam repairs factory flicker " wise move " uncover secret greatly
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  Maintain change sparkplug

When oily quantity increases, can consider to change a sparkplug, repair a factory to be able to suggest 229 kilometers are changed commonly.

Press the quality of sparkplug and actually this is decided, 40 thousand kilometer changes common sparkplug, the 10 thousand kilometers of 6~8 of gold of platinum, iridium are changed can.

It is OK that one introduces here the method of be economical: Oneself go buying a sparkplug, a few yuan of money just, expensive also do not cross about a hundred yuan, look for a medium-sized shop again, beautiful just a little can kiss 10 yuan to be worn soon mount.

Still have a bigger gain so, can repair a factory in order to prevent namely the car mount that tears open the hand-me-down sparkplug that come down to give you again from others car.

The engine that maintain

Engine is the heart of the car, the person that does not know a car to the car " heart disease " be very fear, if the car breathes out,breathe out the ground risks blue smoke, can be a terrible thing.

Send repair a factory, the someone says engine gets overhaul, we have to give them darlingly the car. But they do, just perhaps handle ageing of spiracle oil seal, piston annulus wears away, get stuck dead to wait for indisposition to be able to be solved.

If be in the city normal travel, engine overhaul wants when after 10 thousand kilometers of 100 thousand ~15, feel the car goes to do not have interest, carry when removing speed to come, say again.

  Those who maintain change engine oil

Repair a factory to also have the idea of be economical, changing engine oil is an opportunity.

General nimble amounts to a car to need engine oil about 4.5 litres, fu Kang needs 3.2 litres at least, abstruse develop needs 3 litres or so. The standard is add engine oil note dipstick to bend area upper limit.

But although you kiss to see maintenance worker worker increased engine oil this position soon, not certain also key point sees for solid.

Because, resemble becoming magic and same, he lets you see, those who let you believe is to had had equipment certainly prevenient.

His preparative work is in dropt old engine oil when.

For instance nimble is amounted to, they normally dropt 4 litres of engine oil, such is in infuse new engine oil when, can save below half litres, who lets the habit that we did not take away the engine oil that remain.

To the other illness of the car, the diagnosis that repairs a factory more difficult differentiate of false or true, unless we live to be to often be acquired old, do not have a law to make do otherwise.

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