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Steam repairs factory flicker " wise move " uncover secret greatly
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As the development of automobile manufacturing industry, vehicle repair course of study became a huge trade gradually. The maintenance center of 4S inn, the retail sales building a car of street edge, high speed roadside maintains a dot temporarily, as if ave lane was spread all over between one night.

However, as the flourishing of the industry, a few complain also grow in quantity rises. A lot of garages cheat a customer through all sorts of methods; The service of collection high specified number is expended; Change a part secretly at will exaggerated perhaps maintenance
Eye. Because the client does not know true condition, was cheated do not know.

A few days ago, a personage that is engaged in old vehicle maintenance and repair " jump out " , a few flicker that build a plant from steam exposing to the sun " wise move " .

  Maintain change 3 filter

We add up to filter of air filter, fuel filter, engine oil normally call 3 filter, since they rise, is to filter action, dirty be being changed is manage place ought to. A lot of cars are left and right sides of every 5000 kilometers is done maintain, when maintaining every time, maintenance technician can suggest change 3 filter. Car advocate while heart love a car is cut, practical sense is good for us cordial mood really by the family, changed every time so.

Actually, car manufacturer asks 5000 kilometers are changed more, but the use that this also distributes a car and maintain circumstance and calm. If the car is cheered in small gas station all the year round, run rustic earth road, upland between hill long-distance travel, 2000 kilometers should be changed. If car condition maintains good, if driving in the city, 10 thousand kilometers change 1~2 can.

Every 15000~20000 kilometer changes 3 filter, that is to say, when maintaining, lie between change enough. Some repair factory classics regular meeting to suggest the guest changes 3 filter, so can more profit can pursue. More some repair a factory, total meeting gives jerrily only at most change two, empty filter gives a province is often thing, sometimes steam filter also is omited.

Maintain wash

When the car catchs fire not easily, likelihood solar term door is dirty, repair a factory to be able to suggest you are done " 3 wash " . Street margin is not little now small repair inn to be being hit " major is avoided tear open clean " advertisement. Use first " major avoids the lotion that tear open Qing Dynasty " clean intake duct, common says " the bottle that make put in a fur lining " , it is to clean solar term door next, carburettor Qing Dynasty goes on lotion gush, the dirt with black oil is brushed come down, look so that see to be being felt, time did not waste, man-hour cost draws out 100 yuan. But this compared with 300 yuan when clean atomizer for, what to calculate, although atomizer 30000~50000 kilometer is cleaned completely OK.

3 after been wash, illness disappeared as expected, wanted to wash solar term door only actually, the problem can have been solved. And true effectual cleans intake duct is to be torn open completely come down, resemble cleaning the travel washing ability like taking lampblack chance, and such cleaning than " the bottle that make put in a fur lining " the price wants low, but maintenance worker is done very troublesome however, they think to give or take a lot of trouble still do not make money.
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