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Conserve loves car little skill
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One, clean dermal seat with soap.

Dermal seat fears good thing cut, more be afraid of what chemistry cleans an agent to corrode. Was done in the past to car hairdressing inn clean, multi-purpose bubble kind eradicator, dry hind leather face hardens, and have tiny flaw. Give directions via one experienced worker after, convert the transparent black of caustic minimum, not only decontamination sex is good, and dry hind luster of leather face softness. Particular way is to use bubble of lukewarm leach of clean down towel, soap right amount and even hit on towel, wipe seat gently next (drape place can be wiped repeatedly) . Right now, towel is like meeting soil, prove decontamination had distinct effect. Brush soap ventilated air, the wet towel that does not contain soap in order to clean afterwards is wiped twice can. This law decontamination, leather face is clean and puffy, pure and fresh be like first. Interior trim of applicable also door and appearance dial handle this way plastic. Its reason is soap (toilet soap) decontamination sex is strong, and do not have stimulation to human body skin, to derma more practical.

2, with toothpaste purify nick.

Shining car lacquer often emerges accidentally nick, car advocate push sand dried meat to delimit to car hairdressing inn for this do not come, I come for years is the methodological purify that adopts toothpaste burnish slighter nick, the result is right. The method is, wash nick place in order to rinse first clean, take one clean cloth or towel next, touch toothpaste a few to be pushed gently repeatedly in nick place brush, wait for nick to disappear or abate hind can wipe with wet towel dry. The truth is very simple, toothpaste itself is a kind of abrasive that cleans a tooth, do not hurt human body to won't hurt lacquer more.

3, with wind oil energy does not do glue to stick.

All sorts of evidence that are stuck on windscreen glass after careful car are extremely hard purify. Had seen CCTV its are broken out to want after program of a life, rear besmear is stuck in not dry glue windward oil energy (a bit thicker) , after moment shade is appeared, brush forcibly with doing cloth can fall off, do not leave a mark. This law applies to the brand of stickup not dry glue on all sorts of commodity. The reason is wind oily essence can melt does not do glue active ingredient. Be like calm oily essence, can toothpaste replaces Yi Ke, just the effect is a bit some poorer.

4, French chalk dissolves door a paper strip for sealing to touch a knot.

Moisture of a paper strip for sealing of door of the car after rain and lacquer face adhesion, open the door not to arrange companion to have " Zhi " sound. Can use a French chalk (the prickly heat noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that the child uses is OK also) besmear balata seams Yumennei over, the symptom can disappear, shut freely, ring soundlessly absolutely. This law applies to the freezer in the home, door glacial ark to seal abnormal knocking.
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