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Of car a replacement differentiate
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1, have change without rustily, mildew and ageing. Car a replacement is in in depositing, cause weather-shack, oxidation easily, become angry, the phenomenon such as ageing. If discover fittings,above circumstance cannot be bought.

2, have without crack caustic, burr. Union is planar whether level off, often clean of glazing of exterior of false and inferior product is spent inferior, and have crackle, arenaceous aperture, slag inclusion, burr or touch.

3, have be out of shape without crankle. For example axis kind the method that spare parts and tire deposit is inappropriate, easy generation is out of shape, real measure short of uses a requirement.

4, have be taken off without the pine and block sluggish phenomenon. For example clutch piece rivet loosens, skin of apply the brake is in charge of degum, connect of electric equipment spare parts falls off, juncture of paper filter core is in the phenomenon such as come away to cannot be used. When dynamo of choose and buy, starter, ignition distributor, should turn freely, cannot install otherwise with.

5, arming matchs earmark, whether assembly component is short of. Be like,assemble earmark when coping of gear sign, piston labels should in good condition clarity, it is the important basis that makes sure parts installs a relation correctly.

6, spare parts surface has without defend layer. Keep to facilitate, avoid spare parts clash, before the spare parts leaves factory, have defend layer. For example plain bearing liner of cylinder bushing, size, piston, valve protect with olefin commonly, lest annulus of its surface caustic.
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