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How does autumn love a car!
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1. Tire maintains. Autumn because air temperature is relatively inferior, tire is about to complement baric, make formulary range. In the meantime, still answerExaminationWhether does tire have apparent traumatic, scratch to wait. Balata of Qiu Dong season hardens opposite more fragile, not only coefficient of friction can be reduced, also relatively easily flat, plunge into an embryo.

2. Air conditioning maintains. Air conditioning is in summer often excess load runs, enter autumn, do air conditioning examination andConserveVery important. Summer rain is much, car classics regular meeting walks along road surface of a few ford, bottom of air conditioning condenser is infected with silt inevitably. Time grew, silt and dirt are much deposit, SeriousAffect air conditioning service life.

3. Accumulator maintains. The electrode wiring place of accumulator is autumn appears easily the place of the problem. When the examination, if discover electrode wiring is in viridescent oxide, want to remember rushing with boiled water, these green oxide can cause inadequacy of dynamo electricenergy production, make storage battery is in short report state, serious when what can cause storage battery is inchoate discard as useless, or the car cannot be started.

4. Automobile body conserve. Summertime rain is more, the rain in rainwater is acid, the sunshine illuminate with together with strong summer can make didymous lacquer range corrode and oxidize. In this change garments according to the season when, must do to love car from clean, polishing arrives wax, seal glair or plated film to wait a series ofHairdressingConserve.

5. Interior trim cleanness. Through a rainwater the summer of much, to be warm, the place that carpet and ground glue concealment with etc caused a bacterium already. As the arrival of autumn, car window no longer often open, then the air inside railroad car begins to become muddy, what peculiar smell and bacterium meet pair of people is healthy form a harm, very be necessary to do complete interior trim to love a car in autumn antiseptic with cleanness.
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