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Nimble amounts to a car to make steering wheel from time to tome " Zhi, Zhi " ab
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Breakdown phenomenon: A nimble amounts to a car to equip 1.6 litres, engine of 20 gas a powerful person, belt turn to the device that help strength, making steering wheel from time to tome " Zhi, Zhi " abnormal knocking.

Corrective maintenance: Because this car changes the system that help strength to component little, composition is simple (general by turn to the pump that help strength, tall low-pressure vitta, aid force to turn to machine and oil storage crock to comprise) , and undertake not easily maintaining to the component, use commonly so change repair a law to have troubleDiagnoseReach maintenance.

Turning to the pump that help strength is in aiding force to turn to a system fragile, and occurrence breakdown of the pump that help strength, general metropolis appears in revolve process abnormal knocking, will turn to the pump that help strength to change first so, breakdown still exists. Observe breakdown phenomenon seriously, hit in turning to a process, feel the pump that help strength and high-pressured tube with the hand, as " Zhi, Zhi " acoustical hand is felt place feel unusual shock hand, be similar to the phenomenon that turns to dozen of in the end, analytic reason or oil path not free, undertook changing turning to machine and high-pressured vitta again thenThe job, breakdown still exists, whole system remnant turns to machine and crock of high-pressured oily oil storage to did not change. Final preparation changes the part that remain, the oil that help strength after dropt, the diameter of oil inlet pipe that discovers oil storage crock accidentally slightly small, and oily Kong Zhong has one to note model wool margin, hold off the oil duct of 1/3, breakdown should be in this.

Change change the oil that help strength to oil storage crock, undertake exhaust works cheering, revolve of the engine that start to, breakdown disappeared.

Overhaul brief summary: Car of the inquiry after making a car advocate, car advocate say because aid force oil,several days ago oil storage crock leaks oily, changed in roadside inn so, this breakdown appears later. Will analyse a reason from the flow direction that turns to the oil that help strength, after the oil that help strength is given by oil pump pump, arrive change direction machine, turn to an oil of machine to arrive oil storage crock, the oil that help strength is smoked from oil storage crock again oil pump. In whole process, because aperture of inlet port of crock of inferior oil storage is small, cause change direction machine answer oil not free, so oil pressure on the high side, generation abnormal knocking. Formerer plant and change the oil storage crock below, exterior of former plant sauce boat is orderly, oily Kong Kongjing is smooth level off, surface of crock of inferior oil storage is not entire, bore diameter slightly small and have side of a lot of wool.
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