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The daily attention of car refrigeration system
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The cooling system of all sorts of car very much the same, if system of your ignored refrigeration maintains, the car that meets you brings the trouble of a lot of inconvenience.
If you are used in car in discover car water is warm exorbitant emergency warning lamp shines or ought to jockey instantly when appearance finger is unusual, pass add cistern (expand box) watch fluid face height, the attention does not try to open cistern, because high temperature cooling water can cause harm, right way ought to be to let its cool slowly and try to repair a factory.
Want to value overhaul system in daily attention, particularly important is the following:
1, have below car of the examination after jockeying without many water mark, engine is indoor have anhydrous mark;
2, of the cistern before noticing a car at ordinary times and condenser clear, usable tall calm sb's anger or squirt are clean;
3, water Wen Gaoshi observes whether fanner moves or open air conditioning experiment;
4, antifreeze ought to be added according to the requirement when daily attention, because join antifreeze but the boiling point of refrigerative water rises, produce furring not easily, embedded impurity also can decrease.
5, automatic gear-box car discovers cooling water is shown ivory, pink when, the reason is gear-box refrigeration oily leak to enter water tank more, ought to jockey in time and with repair factory connection.
6, if discovery is short of water phenomenon,ought to complement in time or arrive repair a factory to arrange rush to repair.

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