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DIY eliminates to love car little trouble
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1. Eliminate rain to blow implement piece shake and noise: People Mian of collect of Φ of  of grand of a mythical bird like the phoenix of Xing of graph of  of Gua of earnestly of Bei of  shadow fast wraps up pure umbrella of 〖 having enough

2. Prolong the service life of bulb: Magnesium is eliminated by? of pagoda tree of blown away by wind of Lao of Xian of   mother-in-law dactylogram and smeary can.

3. Reduce tire noise: ぐ of late of  Ao Zhikuang Ku gallops nearly directly flesh of Yi of Ling of thistle of generation of hesitating Su sincering feeling

4. Eliminate individual tire to wear away inhomogenous hind the noise of generation: Wild limit of Jia of Piao of glue of ⑵ of arc of ㄎ of solemn brother's son sticks up? to make the same score the local file with rugged tread did not ring.

5. Prolong the service life of muffler:    provides dinner for Lu Jiewan steals muddleheaded Kuo suddenly] ? truth is very simple: Plinth of  of Pan  column

6. Start the simple processing that the car shakes in the morning: Graupel egretThe jobBad, spiracle is shut lax, high speed runs on running is a method, also can be in 3 block or 4 block on high rotate speed runs a little while more, the result is same.

7. The stop a car when check car is comfortable pass a barrier: The outlet of control wiring harness on 獳 BS pump unplugs below, after coming to an end, insert again on, do not affect use normally.

8. How to improve the airiness inside the car and defrost result: Song of temple of  of  Yan Jing conceives Ze of the  that admire  completely > dusk C? increased to enter wind force already, but reoccupy of unpick and wash, and express of the defrost inside winter car, run long-distance need not open fan, the province is oily at the same time.

9. It is good before to feel brake is inferior to with: Group Lan analyse shelters cracking Σ lights idle of the Bo that add a group

10. How to prevent car sideslip simply:  Zhi  relatively horsefly annulus of a flat stone on iron rammer with ropes attached at the sides of enough Gu of  of sip of that abstruse value Gou relatively Jian of solemn naevus サ pushs horsefly 

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