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May the body of the seventh section is about the grand opening of car
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May 1-3, sponsored newspaper joint channel Jiangsu cities, Olympic co-host, Aku KTV, Gone with the Wind Entertainment Group, the golden couple of the Child photography chain, Impulse gym, Jiangsu Sainty overseas travel Limited full support for the body of the seventh May Festival will drive the grand opening of the Olympic Sports Center West wicket. With the deepening of the preparatory work to promote the exhibition, the main, the co-sponsor and the distributors have launched huge incentives, I believe that the high car gift will be a surprise to consumers continue to show high car event.

Million gift crazy gifts, gift organizer triple charm Juxian

The drive for the May Day, the organizers launched a full weight car discount, car can be as long as the site of the 3000-6577 committee presented gift per triple. The first important: test drive polite customers who test drive their children can live with the "golden couple Donald Duck," posed for pictures, and free gifts were a group photo photo. But can also be Aku KTV singing coupon. The second: set car polite, on-site car Jisong 3139 yuan gift set (check one): A, 3139 元 eat, drink spree, including: the value of 599 yuan golden couple and the children the value of 540 photo package Impulse Health cash prepaid card; value of 1,000 yuan in cash prepaid card Aku KTV; value of 1,000 yuan in cash prepaid card Gone with the Wind; B, Jiangsu Sainty travel gift, the value of 3,000 South Korean car to send 5-Day Tour, Taiwan, Hong Kong 6 day tour Kunming, Dali, Lijiang 6 tour, while 250 will receive the value of a package of Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, in swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis center, golf driving range use. The third re: the whole paragraph courtesy car, where on-site car full amount will receive 6,139 yuan in cash gift (A + B), plus send 188 air conditioners to be one. Similarly the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center to receive 250 a ticket.

Overall fifty dealers gifts

During the event, part of the brand is not only dealers have a special car, buy discount sales and other value-added, more to send purchase tax, to pay compulsory insurance, licensing, and other packages on board services, where on-site shop Dongfeng Honda test drive Citroen CIVIC Po can be gift "travel book", to participate in the Expo ticket or fine motor carbon package sweepstakes. Car emergency tool is also available for cars, high-brightness light bulbs, dimming rear view mirror, oil cards, including "fine gifts", but also to participate in lottery scratch cards to win, "Tour of Shanghai World Expo" and the other by the 3000 yuan to 6,800 yuan in cash benefits ranging from big gift or decoration. Million to help Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot booth on-site by direct selling, where the booth daily to the top ten cars are set to send the value of 1880 yuan's value for money gift portable navigation device. Long Chi Audi Group of Nanjing recommended used car center products will be exhibiting at the body of car section, where the on-site replacement car will receive a gift voucher worth 1,000 yuan maintenance of the offer, enjoy the "professional, convenient and integrity," the high-end used cars service system.

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