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Test the water used-car market entry need to know a few things
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With the rapid development of second-hand car industry, many people are concerned about this area, want to engage in the industry. Used cars used cars around the industry itself and the investment or employment opportunities are many. If you engage in business, you first need to have some funds, such as in Beijing, stationed in used-car market, at least 50 million of start-up capital to meet the vehicle rental office space and acquisition of the necessary funds. Money is a prerequisite, but the most critical problem is not money, but experience. The main business of used car business is "closed car - selling cars - procedures for transfer", but the difficult point of view, is "transfer procedures - selling cars - received car" this arrangement.

So, if there is no experience in the used car industry when it entered, then from the "transfer agent" start to start. Procedures for complete vehicles, the first agent, after hundreds of times, and then try to agency procedures for vehicles with missing, during procedures that can help owners make up missing. For yourself, you can gradually let their "transfer agent" of the professional quality of a more comprehensive (to know where the missing procedures to do, whom to do, while gradually accumulating personal connections, the so-called friends are more good things Well.)

"Transfer agent", while used car salesman can do, just start selling cars, regardless of income car, talk about things that are boss. More than selling cars, you can exercise your own sales ability, eloquence, communication skills. Do not underestimate the job, a good sales staff has a comprehensive business requirements of the quality, not only to understand the used car price quotes, but also know each other competing car models new car and new car price quotes. Not only that, but also to understand all aspects of the car, such as automotive construction, automotive technology, automotive information, industry policy, car maintenance, comparing competing models, models with the system configuration and price differences. That is, while doing is old, but also learn to "walking on two legs" to the new old is a good way to promote. Just think, in the marketing of vehicles, can the car specifications, functional configuration, comparative analysis with other models, can be very convincing, I think, at least customers will think you are professional and will have great confidence in you. Of course, have a good psychological and physical, used car sales are mostly in the open market, cold heat, wind and sun, is a test of the practitioners. And the new close up of the car, but also learn to brush trucks, which are two concepts with the car wash, clean second-hand vehicles in the very detailed, from the inside out, the corners ... ..., a good brush turner, the circle, also be regarded as craftsmen. Are paid by the piece, such as "domestic car 80 yuan, 100 yuan of imported cars."

These are the basic, full-fledged to fly, a lot of cars circle the boss, but also are so over. In laying the foundation of this process, we should carefully study and close car prices, car collection techniques, reconnaissance vehicles of effort. Because the light is not enough sales staff to do, "money map" is not great. Until the time is ripe, can conduct their own acquisitions and sales operations, and take the initiative to control supply, expansion of car source channel, and slowly start their own territory. In the old circles, closed car is a lifeline, after accumulating some experience should be able to do, people ask a car, you can with the actual situation, to evaluate the price.

Assessment mentioned here, not just talk about the market, but also on-site inspection of vehicles, find vehicle defects and failure to know about the renovation costs, according to vehicle speed test results to determine the final purchase price. Collection vehicle is a more difficult job than selling cars, not only to well-known market, but also will check the vehicles and talk to master the price, bargaining skill, and try to figure out customer psychology, nuanced examination procedures. Among them, the site survey the most important, whether there is an accident or failure to determine the final price are reflected in this session, which also is a real skill when operators. If the wrong horse, calling for a loss. However, when the first dry, makes mistakes are common, are called not stumble not learn to walk.

To master the old business, is a long process of accumulation of experience. Good used car broker, are in the old market veteran of many years of experience before, even so, the face of the new car market is so volatile, there will be time to feel powerless, especially for new models flourishing, many agents and even call their names do not come up, let alone understand its inherent new technologies, new configuration. It seems, now want to be a good used car brokers, but also broad knowledge of automotive industry information, such as the recent discount rate is how ah? And which new cars come out? What car facelift and so forth. But will assess its value, is only the most basic skills.

If the car like a plus, it is naturally better at least have some knowledge of reserve vehicles, from used cars to sell so have a great help. 4S shop for new cars is certainly competent. But then again, engage in old business, the process of accumulation of experience is essential, and no shortcuts, no overnight. To work hard, study hard, to do a good job. Which line is not so dry in fact, ah. In addition, there are certain basic, but also like me, and automotive media to deal with, is also a good job. You can even do commentators used car or new car, test, engage in activities on training, when the guests. But no matter in what kind of work, lay the foundation are the last word.

Of course, some people consider appraiser certificate, of course, to test, it goes without question. But do not come up on the exam. I think, should have some practical experience, they go to obtain training certificate, considered a "practice - theory" a leap, I just did in the old market 2 ½ years after the appraiser license exam, study Upon completion you will find yourself not only in theory increased, while the vehicle assessment, prices and other sectors identified, with in-depth understanding. Of course, this certificate can also help you in the acquisition of part of, a customer's trust. Test certificate is not the purpose, the certificate can not help you achieve your purposes, only to start from the basis of accumulated experience to play an active role in the used car industry.

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