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You deserve the three main vehicles recommended 20-30 million
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For some consumers, they need a car to both business and home, hope to have a more spacious interior space, so 20 to 30 million the car to become the first choice for these people, because relative to body size and wheelbase than compact cars have increased, they were able to provide a more comfortable ride space; appearance, the the price range of most models mostly calm exterior, to both business and home. So, today, editing easy car to recommend to friends this range of three models.
Tiguan achieve high off-road performance with low fuel consumption and the perfect balance. It is equipped with Volkswagen Group's most advanced 4MOTION intelligent four-wheel drive system, fuel consumption per hundred kilometers than the same state, only the precursor version of 0.1 liters fuel consumption is almost same as the previous drive. The off-road capability, the system can easily be done before and after the 50:50 optimal force distribution ratio axis, but also under different conditions of terrain vehicles, flexible distribution of torque front and rear axles, so that each wheel for maximum grip, and thus access to excellent off-road performance.

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