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Pilot the new Teana sedan senior
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Last week, China to bring cloud Nansen new Nissan Sylphy, the new Li Wei, Tiida Square Shopping Center in justice for the first show. This week, Johnson will continue to bring more Chinese models site again in the motor racing rookie debut. Activities last week, staff said the cloud Nansen China, this show popular, not only can play a branding effect, but also an intention to customer communication and a good opportunity.

New Teana

As we all know, Nissan is known in the automotive industry, "technology Nissan" in the world, in particular sections of the model is applied to its core components - the engine, but also to ordinary riders from the industry, all blown away. When these cutting-edge technology to effectively apply the new Teana, it will undoubtedly become a high-class cars in the pilot.

A computer's operation efficiency, depends on its core components - CPU, while the movement of a vehicle efficiency and driving pleasure but also on its "chips" - the engine. High speed in a car, how to ensure a comfortable driving experience, how to protect a strong driving force, depends entirely on the engine performance.
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