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Shenzhen port entrance measures increase sharply to import secondhand and high-g
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As high-grade entrance cost of new car tax raises, import secondhand and high-grade car to be lifted again " upsurge " . The reporter learns from Shenzhen custom: Since this year, company of investment of Shenzhen port foreign trader is foreign permanent personnel, foreign country is stationed in China orgnaization permanent personnel declare individual for private use secondhand car entrance shows month by month to increase by degrees posture, 1 ~ declared an entrance to amount to 159 with other trade pattern in August, than last year the corresponding period grows 30. 8 times.

The reporter understands, declare a circumstance to look, declare those who import two handcart to be American edition for the most part to run quickly, the high-grade car such as fighting spirit of horse of the Ao Di, BMW, nimble when protecting, bold, way and cross-country car. In the meantime, the entrance is secondhand the enterprise of the car is centered relatively, 32 cars that examine and approve an entrance this year basically are application of a few big companies. Relevant controller expresses, the tax cost that estimates new car as the entrance is big is adjusted ceaselessly, believe two handcart " resurgence " the trend will be more clear.

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