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Block up is normal and secondhand the element of car dealer
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Although " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " carry out old, but policy of the taxation in trading as a result of two handcart of domestic is non-standard, many distribute companies escape with all sorts of means pay value added tax, can harm consumer interest not only, also become one of factors that restrict development of two handcart market. Element one: "Low " bill avoids duty Recently, guangdong saves steam wagon flow to connect association to receive a few industries of Zhuhai city to complain: Company of distribute of a of Zhuhai city two handcart will be counted in great quantities yuan even ten yuan two handcart, open trade the two handcart that amount has 89 yuan only trade bill, will escape taxation with this. "This kind ' costly low invoice ' behavior disturbed two handcart trade badly the normal order of the market. " wagon flow of Guangdong province steam connects association secretary-general Yan Fei to express: Basis " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " , company of two handcart distribute is in when beginning professional work of two handcart business, answer to concern a provision by the country, trade actually by two handcart valence opens two handcart to trade unified bill, press formulary turn over to the higher authorities the value added tax of 2% ; The two handcart that at the same time it can manage for oneself enterprise only open bill. And this enterprise adopts Zhuhai however ' costly low invoice ' method, evade value added tax, the two handcart that and be with this kind of means at the same time are not battalion of this already of look forward to open similar bill, conduct is serious. Of civilian sound reply "Not be we are not willing to hand in, however the duty point of 2% is real too heavy. " this is Fosan of a two handcart agency express, a many yuan 10 two handcart, earn 8000 yuan of ~ commonly 10000 yuan, again according to clinch a deal the value added tax of of 2% turn over to the higher authorities of amount, the net profit that leave is real not much. As we have learned, last year, current state also appears have company of two handcart distribute " costly low invoice " case, although save a car,current association saves a country hand in hand the processing that duty undertook stopping bill pay an overdue tax to these enterprises. But as a result of the value added tax of 2% to many in for company of small sell on commission, the burden is overweight, because this is in Guangdong to visit partial area at present, still put in companies of many two handcart distribute to use " costly low invoice " the step will evade value added tax of turn over to the higher authorities. Element 2: Diddle buys a security Of two handcart trade sincere letter problem did not get be settlemented thoroughly all the time, the personage inside course of study points out, the main reason that creates this situation is two handcart trade mode is ambiguous. It is reported, two handcart basically trade with change the name of owner in a register now give priority to, face taxation problem, distribute company can " avoid " criterion " avoid " . A kind of idiomatic gimmick is, distribute company is in when buying two handcart, give a company a certain employee inside car transfer ownership, wait for find after buying the home newly, give with individual name change the name of owner in a register buy the home, can avoid successfully so duty. If be change the name of owner in a register in company under one's name, form commerce to trade, should be collected by the regulation the value added tax of 2% . This kind trades mode makes distribute company becomes a kind " intermediary " , and rather than has trade the distribute company of behavior. Undesirable distribute company expresses him clearly " intermediary " property, adopt this method next, after collection buys partial amount of the home, pretend primary vehicle advocate did not sell, in order to cannot find primary vehicle advocate cannot retreat bail to wait come bilk buys a gold, actually this car already change the name of owner in a register arrives some employee under one's name. Trade existently mode makes market presence trades sincere letter hidden trouble, also browbeat at the same time many normal and secondhand the vivosphere of car distribute company.
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