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Two handcart industries of Chinese reported inventory presses muscularity more A
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A few days ago, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state issued the policy that adjusts car consumption tax since September 1, raise big quantity to multiply the 10%-20% of consumption tax tax rate that uses a car. Two handcart respect, because trade periodic reason, car business hand is at present medium high-grade and secondhand car stock is very enough still, the increases to let these two handcart undoubtedly value of consumption tax also increased many, the price of these cars after policy is carried out is relatively strong.
According to an ancient name for China data of statistic of two handcart net understands, two handcart markets of Shanghai are not at present right still of model of Ⅱ of this city country trade set be restricted, but because turn,book arrives of the other place trade the quantity is the main force that two handcart of Shanghai trade, a few cities publish Shanghai periphery clearly already prohibit nonlocal country two handcart of Ⅱ turn to wait for relevant provision, caused the keep long in stock of two handcart of Ⅱ of Shanghai part country, increased the sale pressure of agency. The policy that adds the shift on tax rate of the old car that discharge an amount is a lot of righter there is certain impact for business door. For model of the high end that reachs above to 400 thousand yuan is old volume, major businessman adjusts price to rise generally, whole market sale status not beautiful. Data shows, two handcart of Shanghai always traded in August the quantity makes an appointment with 17 thousand, annulus comparing drops 16% . Model of Shanghai sell like hot cakes ranks cent to not be this month: Sang Dana, Pasate, GL8, Sangdana 2000, triumphant more, each model price has the middle of a month appear litre fall rise and fall, relatively on average price had Sangdana in January of 2000 yuan of above rise, pasate, GL8 has 10 thousand to reach above to climb litre.

From the information that Beijing field gets, after the message that adjusts from consumption tax is announced, high-grade discharge those who measure two handcart to trade greatly the quantity increases somewhat. But market depression causes keep long in stock of many two handcart businessman this year a large number of supply of goods. In addition, the consumptive group of secondhand and luxurious car is narrower, the phenomenon that contends for photograph scare buying did not appear. Before big platoon measures two handcart price to came on September 1, still be in smooth period. Data is analysed rank of model of Beijing sell like hot cakes parts to be amounted to for nimble this month, rise 2000 yuan; Series of Ao Di A6, rise 20 thousand yuan differ to 40 thousand yuan; Pasate, reduce 10 thousand - 15 thousand yuan. As a result of the depression of market ground, many intermediate cars are forced to depreciate, depreciate the price that extent is equivalent to depreciation one year. Two handcart assembly of Beijing hand in quantity and Shanghai to keep balance almost this month, many about 18 thousand, annulus comparing drops 10% .
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