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Two handcart will have the end of the year sina is wet
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As the end of the Olympic Games, new car greeted Jin Jiuyin ten say, opposite atTwo handcartstate how? The end of the Olympic Games, beijing area, many two handcart entered two handcart town of Beijing, make two handcart become saturated trend. Expert analysis, began this year September, Two handcartBeg for be more than, so develop toward such form, the end of the year, we should buy a car, is not to sell a car. Returning those who be worth to say is, partial new car allows to be in like that depreciate privilege, two handcart generated pressure, also may compare existing price lower. So what car generated pressure to two handcart? Take one steam masses to stride Teng Chao to cross 20 thousand yuan privilege, europe of Chang'an Ford Meng Di extends the privilege that gets the better of nearly 30 thousand yuan, the horse depreciates for many times from what amount to M6, Jun Yue adjust, the blood of triumphal, Ge Lan goes all out after all, these the enormous pressure that virtually brought to two handcart. Below such condition, two handcart meeting exert what is special Where is a magic weapon? Will look from market, those who use 5 years of above is medium the price of high-end model is to like by consumer, sa of handkerchief of masses of sea of exemple as above is special series 2000-2002 year model, 2003-2005 of series of Shanghai general Jun Wei year the price of these model cars mostly on 120 thousand the left and right sides, the rate that clinch a deal also is very tall. Still have of course maintain the treasure with good sales volume to come in two handcart city all the time, triumphant more, Yi Lan special grade, their price general is ubiquitous 80 thousand the left and right sides, it is the car with the quite high rate with enough consumer. These cars will make two handcart fervent sale.

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