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Oil price rises 25% defer buy a car 22% cancel to buy a car
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Nielsen of famous investigation company released the whole world recently findings report points out, face oil price rise, the customer that there already is 25% in China will be deferred buy a plan; And in the potential crowd that buy a car, the customer of Shanghai and Beijing is the biggest to the demand that A is a car. Nielsen expresses, in the customer that accepts investigation, 7 is become have not have a car at present, and there is 1/3 to have the intent that buy a car and plan among this. But in view of oil price rise, consumer begins to reconsider buying car matters concerned: 25% defer buy a plan, the customer that has 22% additionally gave up the thought that buy a car. In the consumer that those still plan to buy a car, rise in view of oil price, the consumer of 18% laid the target model of section oily environmental protection. "Cancel the plan that buy a car besides partial consumer beyond, this kind of influence still involves the model option of consumer. " industry of Nielsen China automobile studies crops of assistant inspector general expresses, in the potential crowd that buy a car, exceed half the number to suffer the person that visit to show the preference of oily to the section model. Among them the consumer of Shanghai and Beijing has a special liking especially to A department car, buy apiration scale to be as high as respectively 34% with 28% .

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