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Chinese car city lacks two handcart city and automobile credit drive
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At present the car basically is to rely on to depreciate will guide consumer to buy, but this kind depreciates competitive means, can make the history probably. Go 15 years inside, the price of homebred car from taller than international market price 100% above, fall great majority is at present homebred the price of the car already under international market price, depreciating space is done not have basically. But probably later domestic car market still has depreciating possibility, but the main way that already was not competition. In inflation greatly slow down, market turns below the case that purchasing power of warm, user strengthens, the car will depreciate to basically be behaved henceforth for, after manufacturer improves beneficial result depreciate; Manufacturer is right clear library of stop production car depreciate; It is those who enhance competition ability to decrease deserve to depreciate. is not pure raise what sell and compete to depreciate. Actually Chinese car city is living with such means competition, the reason with still have 2 main actually The first it is lackTwo handcartOf the market drive, the 2nd it is automobile consumer credit. These are the child that can be helpful for a car developing actually. In two handcart markets of our country year trade 30% what the quantity all is not worth sales volume of new car market, and the United StatesTwo handcartTrade the 200% above that the quantity can reach new car sales volume. Our country borrows money this year 8% what buy the scale of the car to be not worth new car sales volume, and the average level on the world is 45% . Small make up think, if can effective have the aid of atTwo handcartOf city and car consumer credit drive below, chinese car market can have new picture.

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