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Both sides is secondhand the car is loved
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Fly degree, POLO, Gower, black horse amount to wait for both sidesTwo handcartGot the attention of consumer loves.
At present although be two handcart off-season, but relatively other and secondhand for car sales volume, both sidesTwo handcartthe sale is very pretty good, especially car condition good, price is relatively cheap secondhand both sides car very get consumer reception. Compare 3 side car, both sides car basically has two advantages, it is a quantity small, automobile body is light, save oil quite, 2 it is the price in 30 thousand ~ 60 thousand yuan between, be accepted very easily by consumer, plus vogue of appearance of both sides car, jockey convenient wait to be had very much attract a gender.
Sell like hot cakes of both sides car had lasted nearly two years, the both sides car that goes up to two handcart market can rise to pull a movement certainly to use, and as the person that buy a car young change, both sides is secondhand the car gets of increasing person love.

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