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Fu Kang will exit car city
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Fu Kang sales volume already appeared to glide badly, most agency is close already half an year not replenish onr's stock this car. Add dragon of iron of snow of next year east wind to will roll out what Ailishe regards both sides as Fu Kang to replace a model, fu Kang exits Beijing field will be sooner or later thing. According to small make up understanding to be in know from agency last week, inn of 4S of peaceful of gold of north of dragon of iron of east wind snow ordered model of 1.6L 16V of 200 Fu Kang from manufacturer recently, adding outfit part to configure at the same time price falls reach sixty-two thousand eight hundred yuan. In the meantime, beijing other agency already received Fu Kang model no longer. These 200 Fu Kangjun will add outfit intelligence to enter a system without spoon, name Fu Kang of spirit wisdom edition consequently. This system is had rise function of window, fortify and function of wireless remote control automatically to wait, market price case is controlled in 5000 yuan. According to introducing, fu Kang of spirit wisdom edition will at arriving next week, divide common Qi Hejin to belong to lacquer two kinds, price mixes sixty-four thousand eight hundred yuan for sixty-two thousand eight hundred yuan respectively, lower than the market minimum price that at present Fu Kang is in Beijing give 5000 yuan.

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