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Sale of car of high end of two handcart city is progressively and fervent
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The entrance car in new car market greeted a small climax this year, discharge a quantity to import a car greatly especially. Two handcartalthough new car of be not a patch on is fast,react, nevertheless, this kind of climax already began to conduct two handcart market. To two handcart business, luxurious entrance is secondhand car price difference is big, earn is much.   is close two years, asTwo handcartEnlarged development and country of the industry to increase ceaselessly prop up the policy strength that two handcart market grows. Because of the entrance of this Hua Na two handcart trade the growth rate of the quantity is accelerated ceaselessly, in light of the model from inside importing two handcart market, the model that trades at present from earlier before in low model of the high end in carrying a model to had developed slowly. A few high-grade models exceed luxurious model to enter two handcart market in large quantities of quantities even. The demand of the consumer that chooses two handcart also gradually from which low model of the high end in carrying a model to turn. So inTwo handcartCity, what those high-end cars got customer love? 2.4 of Camry of cropland of groovy model abundant, import the delegate of high-grade and luxurious car: Run quickly S320, S350; Import delegate of high-grade motile car: BMW 318, 330, BMW 520, 530; High-grade day fastens the delegate of the car: Leikesasi IS300, ES350, GS350; Still have the representing of racing bike: Z4 of contemporary cruel clique, BMW, run quickly CLK200, CLK250 also sell well. Still one kind sells also very igneous is the luxurious and cross-country car such as Q7 of banquet of card of the masses way fighting spirit, nimble when protecting, Ao Di.

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