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Always use the market along steam puissant aid the rim in promoting change
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As the our city market of articles for use of first large car -- always of market of articles for use of predestined relationship automobile dash forward now, have what kind of effect to rim of circumjacent goose mountain and city of abstruse body car, will initiate position of Chongqing car city again what kind of change greatly bureau? When the author visited circumjacent 4S shop a few days ago, learn: With always market of articles for use of predestined relationship automobile only the market of car of circumjacent goose mountain of the Yao of one pace and city of abstruse body car already nose business chance, value base of headquarters of articles for use of this one automobile in succession, undertake the strategy cooperates actively to it, the peninsula in change buys car and the market structure that adorn one continuous line to be being formed.

On 100 million profit are good, be like,sell together with the car fish and water

Batch 0 hold battalion concurrently, always the predestined relationship does not go " one-way "

As we have learned, at present our city car retains quantity about a hundred 10 thousand, inn of the inn of car adornment hairdressing of existence, car sale 4S has many 1600, automobile articles for use guides the market to consume new trend gradually. But, the our city does not have the one dimensions on the home however, on class, specializationed automobile articles for use is professional the market. And have articles for use of more than 10 years of automobiles to manage the history before " one-way " street of automobile articles for use because manage ageing of non-standard, establishment,also wait for cause, make articles for use of our city automobile consumes the market serious lag. To this, government of the district in change decides will " one-way " street of automobile articles for use, make afresh for collect wholesale with retail the bazaar of automobile articles for use at a suit.

However, offer for market of automobile articles for use what prop up formidably is truckload sale 4S inn will how look upon this market, truckload to theirs to what to affect since sale general? The general manager Tang Yue of grand 4S inn weighs the Xue Folan fine horse that is located in city of goose mountain car: Our city car retains previously the volume is not high, but develop first-rately in last few years. More and more people are willing to take money to come out to undertake decorating to love a car, make adornment and sale are contacted very cheek by jowl. If add car newly with Chongqing,every 500 yuan consumption looks, this one market will consume on 100 million yuan every year. And some still are met transfer further from adornment to change one's costume or dress. If with at present of Chongqing car market retain the capacity will calculate, market potential is more inestimable. To this, we also inspected the environment of this ground, value this ground to regard distribution centre of automobile articles for use as the positive effect that produces to circumjacent car city.
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