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Whether does oil price rise again
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The fall after a rise of oil price, make the friends that raise car a group of things with common features, willingly happy, but such mood, forecast in each authoritative orgnaizations it seems that below, subsequently the mood also begins low. Reason: Recently, each authority orgnaization is forecasted, oil price can rise again very much, about every tons rise 300 yuan of ~ 500 yuan, of course this rises extent, won't the 16% ~ that prep above increased on June 20 18% . Time: Move price turn the most quickly to was mixed in September appear between October Illustrate: The sea connects negotiable securities Bohai Sea negotiable securities   The sea connects negotiable securities to forecast, as the end of the Olympic Games, and the wave motion of crude price, the possibility that the government raises standard of finished product oil price inside year is very large, this will improve profit of oil refining company. At the same time the sea connects negotiable securities to still think, the extent that move price may be in 500 yuan of / ton. Zhang Jintao of golden company researcher passes email in in to " daily of the first finance and economics " express, case of finished product oil price should go up tone, "We anticipate to tone can go up after the Olympic Games, extent is in 10% the left and right sides. " Bohai Sea negotiable securities is to be based on the foundation in CPI fall after a rise to go up, made those who move valence possibility guess. This year in July, our country CPI rose compared to the same period 6.3% , this is afterwards after May successive fall after a rise of the 3rd month. Hopeful of our country CPI continued in August fall after a rise. Such guessing, still got the suspicion of a lot of personages.

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