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Jin Jiuyin ten buy a car to need to calculate clear an account in installment
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Falling thick and fast as a few the ablution of drizzle, chinese car city greeted again " Jin Jiuyin 10 " the busy season that buy a car. And numerous car brand also rolls out all sorts of sales promotion activities in succession subsequently, in order to increase the sales volume of oneself model. Review the activity of brand of current and of all kinds car, what roll out with dragon of iron of east wind snow is triumphal in installment GO business most get attention.

The reporter trades from each 4S inn and car the market understands, buy car user nowadays when choosing a model, the element that pays close attention to most is the oneself character of the still shifts poundage, car use cost of instalment and car respectively. Accordingly, reporter general basis above 3 gist element, calculate pen Zhang to be about to buy car and the friends that want to transfer.

Still shift formalities cost low it is premise

To buying car gens at present for, they should assume the expenditure such as the high oil price, prices that rises ceaselessly not only, and even burden room is borrowed wait for charge, when because this is borrowing money in installment,buying a car, they often can choose to still shift formalities cost inferior and examine and approve the professional work buying a car with shorter latency time.

What dragon of iron of east wind snow rolls out this is triumphal in installment GO business, its advocate hit window to be namely " 30 " -- 0 accrual, 0 poundage, 0 additional carry insurance cost to use. This second activity comes from September 1 on December 31, 2008, during the activity, agency of accredit of dragon of iron of snow of Fan Zaidong wind buys random with the installment plan a triumphal model, can enjoy " exempt interest, avoid poundage and avoid additional carry insurance cost to use " overflow privilege serves. Of this business roll out, will save not small cost expenses expenses to buy car user, and will with fast, efficient, convenient wait for an advantage to be those who buy car user to buy provide safeguard, assure to buy car user to derive from love car of oneself with be being bought inside least expenditure and the shortest time.

We can calculate pen Zhang to attend the consumer of this activity. Borrow money in order to pass action merchant bank 100 thousand, 18 months are loan time limit exemple, total cost of the interest that plan of instalment of 0 interest rate and general be open to traffic shift, formalities contrasts as follows:

Loan type
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