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Shanghai car faces harbor base go into operation
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First will produce Rong Wei 550

On September 19, shanghai car faces harbor base formal completion. This project always invests 2.9 billion yuan, earlier program is produced per year can 150 thousand. Reporter from Chongqing inn of hundred years constant China Rong Wei learns, first product of this base put into production, will be Rong Wei 550 cars. Begin next year, product of share of brand of renown the rank of nobility also will be in this in all line production, shanghai car platform turns production distribution is initial finish.

The base that face harbor is located in southeast Shanghai, estuarine of ground section chief and Hangzhou bay are handed in collect place, have marine, railroad, highway, inland river, airport " 5 dragon gather together " distinctive area advantage, its formal completion is Shanghai car own brand construction increases new main power.

According to reporter understanding, as put into production of the base that face harbor, will with base of appearance ask forring, Nanjing together, become on own brand is in steam base of 3 big production, how to well balanced with center of Shanghai car technology branch department of base, Nanjing and center of abroad research and development are formed together on the own brand system with whole steam.

This base initial stage plans produce per year can 150 thousand, included punch, automobile body, paint, general assembly and engine 5 technological process.

Steam respect discloses on, paint workshop is the largest window of the base that face harbor. This workshop used the robot of the most advanced, full automatic FUNUC gush glue inside current job. Data is remembered automatically, pass real time net of couplet of complete workshop information, whole computer monitoring is whole workshop every flow and detail, and self-correcting temperature, humidity, answer the control of sudden incident to handle immediately.

Energy-saving environmental protection also is the one large window of the base that face harbor, in plant foul water and exhaust emission mouth, installed not only online detect device, of the contaminant after real time monitoring is handled discharge index.

In domestic automobile industry, this base also is first go up to use water-solubility paint entirely in face lacquer, priming paint.

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