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Escape the used car expert discernment to see the details, the overall assessm
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Selection of affordable used cars is difficult, those used car buyers used car really love and hate, fear been fooled to buy a car accident, the problem car. Xiaobian today to introduce, second-hand car from the details to the overall assessment methods, and reproduce the whole process of assessment of a used BMW. As a BMW off-road performance and sports performance are very excellent X series models, has been the vehicle of choice for those who love sports. Since it is a love of sports, then around week in and week is essential. So small, virtually scratch and bump inevitable. From a separate local appearance can be seen whether the virtually scratch a car accident. Open the front cover of the specific machine, since it is the BMW series of structured classes that used car is high requirements. Internal cleansing is very clean. Look at the details of the whole: the front bumper and left side seam daughter board was substandard, the other after the seams have obvious traces of paint left by the mist. Look at the details of the whole: the left front fender screw twist with clear signs, not in a fixed position on the original. When the original factory, is still very neat. Analysis of reasons: to see the front of the engine within the very integrity of the components, plus the front bumper and left fender has a clear mist between the traces left of the front of the machine lid and screw fender Screw all traces of it can be deduced, which BMW X series vehicles, the left had a small, virtually scratch accident, resulting in adjustment of the front cover of the machine, remove the left fender, after re-paint, for use to stresses does not affect, for the prices it does not produce losses. Is the original car's original paint after the paint becomes part in the assessment level will produce the above changes.
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