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Press survey used-car market "BOT non-" black chain
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Try to buy a used car hand, the result is buy a taxi has been mandatory retirement, how to do? With a large number of customers than to eat Yaba Kui Xie aunt choose to use legal weapons to protect their own interests. After six months of the visit of evidence, her case this morning, the Court held a public hearing in Songjiang. City after another for a "transfer of non-business" profits of the event, journalists and industry insiders had a face to face interviews, which reveal the black chain. Fraud reduction Take the money and it frankly, "off the assembly line car" Luk is Qingdao, Shanghai Xinzhuang listen to friends on the used car market is very high transaction cost of vehicles. Recently, he and his friends come to Shanghai to buy a used car specialist. First came to market the door, Mr. Lu was surrounded by a group of middle-aged man. "To a car? Santana 3000, only 4 million." Can not afford to lobby, he was a man taken to a nearby district. "My friends know the car is quite, he was closer look and found a new car, almost no traces of the impact, after the overhaul." Lu said, eventually they bought two: price of a Santana 3000 was 3.45 million, a Poussin price is 2.45 million. Just signed a contract the next day, he received a phone call, the other claiming to be the market manager, told him to buy a "business transfer of non-" car, the car has been opened for 4 years, travel over 100,000 km. Luk quickly get in touch with the seller. I did not expect the other happy admitted: "Yes ah, this is a taxi, when to sell is not talked about it? Non-operated used car how could this price?" Heard remark luk like thunderstruck. "I specifically asked the seller when buying a car is not a taxi, the other Paizhexiongkou guarantee it is not, but also to produce the relevant documents." Lu said, did not expect the other party just got the money to completely change the argument. Luk find the seller to refund, the seller took the signed contract that stated: Once the breach, the breaching party to bear the price of 50% of the claims. Luk can only bite the bullet and let the seller shall be deducted from the car nearly 3 million, the two sides go through to know about procedures. Transfer of the seller does not appear by express And compared to many customers eat Yaba Kui Xie aunt choose the law to protect their own interests. After six months of the visit of evidence, her case this morning, the Court held a public hearing in Songjiang. Xie aunt said she saw an online used car sales post, and the seller made an appointment to meet in Xinzhuang. "Price of 4 million, more cost effective." Xie aunt said, the seller asked her to pay the deposit. In order to thank aunt assured that the seller took out the ID card and residence permit in Shanghai. Copying the other documents in the post, thank aunt back to the seller in writing on a copy of deposit receipt. A few days later, the two sides in the appointment of the place "transfer." Xie aunt said that due to the other side, said third-party professional agent to find the procedures for transfer of people, so in fact do not need to personally appear. Take the car directly in time, get permits. Subsequently, the seller began urging her to pay the balance of 4 million yuan. Xie see you are in the process transfer aunt, he paid the balance. A few days later, Xie aunt received a telephone call all the procedures in place seller, you can Xinzhuang used car market, "PDI", but the deposit must be returned to the original written copy of ID card receipt, or can not get this car. Xie aunt feel a little strange, they kept that in mind, copy of the receipt. The next day, the other side to send Express will thank aunt's name written on documents sent over the vehicle, and entrusted the car courier card exchange "copy of the receipt." Xie aunt did not expect that the certificate clearly says "switch to non-business" - she bought a taxi off the assembly line. When Xie aunt then contact the seller, the seller is not willing to show up but how. "Fortunately, a copy was left." Xie aunt decided to use legal weapons to protect their interests. Press survey Automobile market in the vicinity of a large number of cattle ambush Newspaper kept getting second-hand car trading problems arise. Recently, the reporter went to Xinzhuang second-hand car market, just the car, a man came over to warmly greeted. "To buy a car? What models are, the price is affordable." Said the man. Reporter went to a black man with Santana before, and presented to reporters the identity of the car: "non-operational." When asked "whether the information in the Vehicle Administration department of the car check to" when the man said quickly, used cars come from all over the country, the National Vehicle Administration information is not connected, it is impossible to go to the local Vehicle Administration query, too inconvenient. "We are here to do second-hand car trade for many years, rest assured, cold number-crunching." Man said. When a reporter whether the proposed transaction to the market, the men claimed that they did not rent stalls in the market fees, can not approach trading and the market also charge fees, both sides are not worth a dedicated company of their own, can one-stop get. Subsequently, the reporter from the staff was informed of the market, if the seller did not dare approach transactions have a problem. Since there is no slotting allowance, regardless of office or his office through intermediaries, have received commission. Said cattle do not charge fees, get a stop. In fact, the fee is included in the price of which, after all, did not sell off the assembly line taxi 4 million. "BOT non-" black big industry profits Xinzhuang used-car market charge related to Mr Cheng said the city every year a large number of mandatory retirement of the taxi and car rental company scrapped. These vehicles scrapped after the relevant departments on these vehicles do a special auction at a very low price of these vehicles will be disposed of. "Most of the vehicles will be transferred to the second and third line of small cities continue to engage in operations, there will be a part of those engaged in 'non-BOT', who bought the black industry." According to Mr. Cheng said, is often a scrap of Santana 3000, auction prices in general is 1.7 million. Then, people who buy cars and so drive the truck back to Shandong Zaozhuang, renovated it, such as paint, change the mileage, etc., and back on a private license. Then to drive back to Shanghai, in the major used-car market and sell its perimeter. Believed to enable consumers to engage in fraud will spend 100 yuan from the market to buy a fake capacity cards, 50 to buy a fake driving license, together with a little money before the put a little clean up on the car's interior decoration, the cost of a car not more than 25,000 yuan, and the average sale price of such vehicles from 35,000 to 40,000 yuan, profit up 40% to 50%, and consumers often believe that these cars on the market than the same level of about 1 million cars to be cheaper to select such vehicles, not knowing when, on a large. Cheng said that, like the case of Qingdao, Luk as is common today, those car dealers who not only took back the car and fraud to money, while consumers because of the lack of evidence, can only eat Yaba Kui out. For statement "OTC" difficult to make management intervention For this "chronic problem", how to regulate the market side, Cheng said frankly very difficult. "The market, we put a great reminder everywhere slogan, but a lot of crooks using the venue reached an agreement over the counter ways to commit fraud, advantage of the loophole." Cheng told reporters that now the "transfer of non-business" vehicles is not only the city of Santana taxis, those leasing companies Buick, Audi and other high-end cars which will be doping, so the screening for these vehicles becomes have more and more difficult. Markets, sometimes only by private Paimo to understand whether the vehicle is a "transfer of non-business", once discovered, the car immediately removed from the market. "We are monitoring extremely difficult, at first we will market into several regions, each region used cars leased to a different brokerage firm, and inform them of the regional implementation of contract system, if there is a complaint that occurred in the region, the region brokerage companies affiliated transactions must be responsible, but the effect of this method is not ideal, and some cattle to market into a parking lot, parking fees or pay, but the turn to deal, they will pull consumers into the OTC, which makes Our management has become very passive. " That market has no relevant measures to solve the problem in the bud, not to "transfer of non-business," the car into the secondary market? The answer is yes, but with little success. Cheng describes two ways: First, police use a particular machine, every car entering the car for testing, as long as the vehicle's engine number into the machine, the car's "history" sweeping, once found to be "BOT not" immediately clear appearance. This method works well, but the drawback is that the machine is limited to the police to use, no right to use second-hand car market. The second is to stop all suspicious vehicles direct approach, the drawbacks of this method is distinguished by the naked eye, "BOT not" vehicles is very difficult, and second-hand car market has a large number of vehicles to enter the day, the workload is too great. Moreover, even if these cars are cleared out after the cattle have not give up, these cars parked around the market to sell, and tell buyers who stopped outside the pit stop because no less than. Cheng hoped that relevant departments can have a practical method to eradicate this fraud. Evening reminder Buy used cars to verify documents Reporters from the city Office of Consumer Protection Committee, specializing in automobile officer that the person concerned, either buy a new car or used car, have a regular copy of the contract, a contract should try to choose the model text. To avoid second-hand cars and the "trap", buy used cars to do the "three to", "three do not." To go to a regular old motor vehicle market to buy, do not listen to "cattle" rhetoric, in the outside market transactions; to personally sign the formal "used car" trade intermediary contracts, do not let on behalf of the signature or easily procedures for transfer of information will be handed over to others to handle; to ask knowledgeable friends when the staff, on-site to look at cars, vehicle inspection, verification; do not listen to other people, not eager to pay, to mention cars. In addition, consumers to the market the best brokerage company resident (business license issued by the national business sector, the formal company) commissioned the car for the transaction entered into by the procedures and standards set by business transaction management contract, or some of the banner of "one-stop service "in the" Company ", will not protect the relevant rights and interests of consumers.
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