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Guiyan assessment used car used car market evergreen Xiali
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Xiali models be evergreen in the used-car market, from 1993 to 2009, everything. Its low cost and low service price of used cars to dominate the second-hand car market. Therefore, the assessment for the Charade is particularly important. Although it is common models, but the small but perfectly formed. It is also not sloppy. Zheliang introduced today is the front had a collision, but not beating. Is particularly valuable for the earlier acquisition of this car over, so have not had time for regular, so the appearance, can be described as features of Zheng Ming, miserable. From the exterior view, the main impact is the front and right side. Especially in front of the collision and virtually scratch is very obvious. Prominent front radiator grille has a convex, we can see is the result of stress after deformation. Virtually scratch at the front bumper a lot, mainly the front bumper of the vehicle left and right sides, it appears that the nature of the vehicle and thought using the hands only. The paint can be seen from the off, this after a number of vehicles after Xiali painting, and street vendors are in the repair shop to do, a lot of regular paint is not very strong, long-term wind and the sun makes the paint are off. Paint has been damaged bumper and off, some places have been exposed primer. The left and right sides of the front bumper virtually scratch obviously serious orange peel finish. Primer is bare, exposed, it seems to do after re-paint the whole car is necessary to regular work. Front grille has been highlighted, and when accompanied by a spray mist is obvious. The main point of impact force is here, after the painting after the hit, and when the repair does not handle well, so there will be a result of paint adhesion is not strong showing off the primer. This vehicle had the front Xiali obvious rear-end situation, but high impact surface. In addition, after repeated painting of the situation makes the overall paint color for this car is poor, the look and feel very bad, but after a regular after the vehicle condition can become so.
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