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Secondhand Biekekai jumps over HRV, bie Kekai jumps over HRV car picture
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Car type: Car [Sell] Car brand: Bie Kekai jumps over HRV Car model: Bie Kekai jumps over HRV Trade now valence: 85000 yuan Buy car price formerly: Yuan Show car license tag: Car color: Silver grey Primary vehicle utility: Buy date: 2005 Travel kilometer: 31 thousand kilometer 10 thousand kilometers Oily bad news measures: C.c. Seating: Homebred / entrance: Plate change the name of owner in a register: Release time 2008-10-11 Period of validity: Month Car condition: Car condition is wonderful, formalities all ready, without the accident, platoon quantity is 1.6 litres, automatic shelf is top configuration, take scuttle derma seat, duty expends full pay, check comes 2009. "Contact means " Full name: Article lady province: Inner Mongolia phone: 13947108288 city: Huhhot E-MAIL Fax: Mobile phone: 13947108288 Q Q: Postcode: Homepage: Address:

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