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Secondhand liberate, emancipatory car picture
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Car type: Car [Sell] Car brand: Liberate Car model: Liberate Trade now valence: 76800 yuan Buy car price formerly: Yuan Show car license tag: Car color: Shamrock Primary vehicle utility: Buy date: 2004 Travel kilometer: 150 thousand kilometer 10 thousand kilometers Oily bad news measures: C.c. Seating: Homebred / entrance: Plate change the name of owner in a register: Release time 2008-10-11 Period of validity: Month Car condition: Formalities is all ready, travel card 1.9 tons, buy two tons of maintain a road to expend, 6110 belts give big bavin engine pressure, 180 horsepower, empty wagons is highest speed per hour 125 kilometers, big transmission case, car trunk interior is 7 meters long 2. Car condition is first-rate, the car is beautiful. Period of efficacy of car yearly check arrives in September 2009, insurance period of efficacy arrives in April 2009, raise travelling expenses, duty Wu, carry is in charge of the period of efficacy such as cost to arrive 200812 months 31 days.
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