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Secondhand and auspicious, picture of beautiful day car
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Car type: Car [Sell] Car brand: Auspicious Car model: Beautiful day Trade now valence: 20000 yuan Buy car price formerly: Yuan Show car license tag: Car color: Silver grey Primary vehicle utility: Buy date: 2002 Travel kilometer: 20 thousand kilometer 10 thousand kilometers Oily bad news measures: C.c. Seating: Homebred / entrance: Plate change the name of owner in a register: Release time 2008-10-11 Period of validity: Month Car condition: Car condition is good, new tire, inside buy MP3, accuse in, guard against theft, the next year derate such as cost of car boat maintain a road 3 months cost! "Contact means " Full name: Mr Yang province: Beijing phone: 13810568200 city: Prosperous makes the same score an area E-MAIL Fax: Mobile phone: 13810568200 Q Q: Postcode: Homepage: Address:

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