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Secondhand this Guangzhou cropland, picture of Xin Yage car
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Car type: Car [Sell] Car brand: Guangzhou originally cropland Car model: New elegant cabinet Trade now valence: 255000 yuan Buy car price formerly: Yuan Show car license tag: Car color: White Primary vehicle utility: Buy date: 2008 Travel kilometer: 3700 kilometer 10 thousand kilometers Oily bad news measures: C.c. Seating: Homebred / entrance: Plate change the name of owner in a register: Release time 2008-10-11 Period of validity: Month Car condition: New fund " 8 Dai Yage "2.4 are luxurious edition, white, the car that the portion bought in June 2008, because company occurrence capital is nervous,show, plan to make over, make over the price to be controlled in 25W, the individual uses.F66 of illicit home car "Contact means " Full name: Province of of Bao Long service center: Fujian phone: 059183817150 city: Fuzhou E-MAIL Fax: Mobile phone: 059183817150 Q Q: Postcode: Homepage: Address: The Fuzhou City on the west 2 annulus 30-6 (Baolong urban square
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