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Rise in price " delay time " , businessman of store up car throws stock urgently
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After the consumption tax since September 1 is adjusted, shanghai brand shop of each old luxurious car comes out in succession the message that rise in price, but go up after all how many, 4S inn also rises in price formally in what await a manufacturer all the time " archives " . And rise in price as a result of whole at present direction is not clear, hold money to wait for bought consumer grow in quantity, the businessman of store up car more was immersed in inventory to use up difficult, cost to reclaim the awkward condition that presses muscularity. They must make concession from car price nowadays.

   Right the market after going up did not hold

Shanghai Shanghai too a representative runs quickly with Leikesasi Mr Dong accepts the 2 class agency of the brand when the reporter interviews, express: "S series model runs quickly to already was booked by us entirely inside the 4S inn of Shanghai at present. Before price should be increased when the bottom in August 100 thousand above just can sell, the price is quicker now, want a client to agree to talk only, increase price 20 thousand - 50 thousand yuan can discuss. Increase price 20 thousand - 50 thousand yuan can discuss..

And before this on September 16, meisaidesi - run quickly (China) the market guidance price that car sale limited company announced the model below the banner is new, will have formal go into effect on October 20, 2008. "Even if when after rising in price, can sell at high price, the car also should approach 2 many months. Now millions of capital is cast, the risk is too big, can clutch only now so cast. " and as to to October 20 after that day, whether can strict carry out according to new directive price, dealer shows, the bottom also is done not have in him heart, be opposite so them, right now resource advantage became sweet potato of very hot hand, can move or move first, steam again capital says again.

   How to adjust be based on market demand

After September 1, consumption tax is adjusted and did not let discharge the city that measure a vehicle to go up greatly, the model such as imperial crown, new sounds of nature, Xin Yage chooses interior to digest. And although the partial model price of the brand such as Ao Di, Leikesasi, Lu Hu has go up certainly, but adjust the amplitude modulation on extent and tax rate not to agree. Among them the 3.0L platoon of each series measures Leikesasi of the model go up different also, businessman basis model in the market expression to rising extent was made " take into consideration the circumstances " processing, the biggest go up also did not exceed 33% , and those who adjust basically is a few blame advocate make a model, the part is popular the adjustment of the model the method is reclaim the privilege before just.

Of course, also partial brand seizes this sale good opportunity, do not go up to fall instead. Cost price of admiral of the 3.6L below Shanghai general Bie Keqi model four hundred and ninety-eight thousand eight hundred yuan, offer terminal 60 thousand yuan of right-and-left privilege instead now. In addition, the brand such as masses of VOLVO, entrance, Kaidilake, all maintaining basically in the terminal price of Shanghai agency former level.
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