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Beautiful breakthrough closes east wind 100 thousand yuan greatly below
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Yesterday, the author sends honest 4S inn to understand in mark of east wind of the 2 annulus austral Shijiazhuang: Car city state takes a favourable turn somewhat since  ? month, at present 100 thousand yuan family car is the model with the most active price on car city, east wind is beautiful first terminal depreciates considerably, fall panel height amounts to 10 thousand yuan or so, it is author basis below dark visit the price situation that understands probably: (the likelihood is put in difference, the price is offerred only referenced)

Weather vane sends 1.6 hands to move comfortable edition east sale price breaks through 100 thousand yuan to close greatly first, this is send in east wind mark 307 2004 4.21 days get offline to depreciate 4 years considerably first now, the with Beijing terminal sale price after depreciating this comparatives basically, the client that the near future plans to buy a car can consider this favourable opportunity.

Beautiful the exterior of 307 designs elegant air, highlight individual character. The grille taking energy of life of large size gives a person the visual wallop with the shock. Outfit change basically is reflected inside inside those who act the role of is tonal, configuration and human nature change design aspect. Also have with security aspect moderately in easy have rise apparently. Look from technical parameter, new although the external dimension of 307 wants than old money big, but wheelbase does not have a change, the space is ampler nevertheless, it is a good family expenses car. (easy car network)

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