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See action tear open enrol two handcart to trade trap
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Trap 3

Conceal actual kilometer number

A broker company controller introduces, very much handcart is changed to cross odograph. Before the two handcart purchaser that has 80% at present is bought, count to actual kilometer not know the inside story, degree wears away to be exceeded greatly as a result of car after partial consumer is bought among them anticipate and the feeling is decieved.

[stick person] the examination maintains record

Buy two handcart need not too care about odograph, and should pay close attention to practical car besides. The proposal buys what car checks before the car to maintain record, can be opposite through it this car whether cut loiter or changed the be clear at a glance such as what spare parts. Understanding is clear that whether car of purchase in advance is guarantee period etc, notice to distinguish model of each fixed number of year, see tail gas discharge whether to amount to mark.

Trap 4

Default tax cost to be not informed

Zhang Xian bought a two handcart, broker company is entrusted to deal with the relevant formalities such as change the name of owner in a register along with all the others directly after paying to pursue convenient at that time. When maintain a road is being handed in to expend after use period of time, maintain a road expends the staff member of the place that sign check to tell him, primary vehicle advocate the cost of maintain a road that already defaulted a few years, mr Zhang fills even fine for delaying payment inside finally handed in nearly 5000 yuan.

[stick person] the examination before change the name of owner in a register has without default tax cost

One normal two handcart formalities includes car to register card of travel of certificate, car (need in the yearly check inside qualification period) , car purchases surtax proof, car to buy original bill (or last time bill of change the name of owner in a register) , car advocate Id (the unit provides letter of legal person code) , raise. Before buying a car, to cost of maintain a road the orgnaization that sign check inquires whether car defaults cost of maintain a road and car boat royalities, if have,owe tax situation to must ask to do business again after bargainor pay.

Trap 5

After making money not instantly change the name of owner in a register

Gentleman of the Qin Dynasty bought an old car from inside Zhao Mou hand, this car card is illuminated all ready, at that time with respect to complete a business transaction all formalities, but Zhao Mou always is lost with Id for plead refus to do change the name of owner in a register. When gentleman of the Qin Dynasty provides place careful vehicle to the car later, the accused knows this car to register a car advocate already changed by Zhao Mou for Wang Mou. Original, after gentleman of the Qin Dynasty buys a car, somebody gives Wang Mou this car transfer ownership.

[stick person] deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register in time
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