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Beauty of blessing of promotion of 5 great value comes to 09 upgrade appear on t
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8km/hBump changeless form below, avoided little knock sth out of vessel small touch consumer to cause needless pecuniary loss. the ABS EBD of edition of German BOSCH 8.0 that the Japanese horse that cooperates new air officer to optimize amounts to former outfit to import oneself, four-wheel dish Buddhist templeput on the brakes and brand-new the SRS system that upgrade controls perch of module, LED brake lamp, hand is moved block clutch pedal pad B of sensor, aggrandizement2.9mm) , wallop induction solves lock function automatically to wait multinomial advocate combination of passive and safe system, safety factor upgrades in the round, build set his mind at to share close affection and fun space while, also provide all-around safe safeguard to drive the person that multiply.

Regard intermediate car as the trailblazer of city, the brand that blessing beauty will come to pass 6 years is accumulated, had the market of nearly 500 thousand to retain quantity, below the setting of glorious past, blessing beauty comes 09 character upgrade was to understand market demand apparently, hold to tall sex valence comparing and high quality collateral, blessing beauty comes to what 09 paragraph general continue to become domestic user buy car first selection.

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