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Beauty of blessing of promotion of 5 great value comes to 09 upgrade appear on t
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Be worth what carry is, blessing beauty comes to 09 be in of former 750RPM super- low idle is broken through once more on the technology of fast design, the idle that realized air conditioning to start a circumstance to fall to still maintain 750RPM fast, and the sensor of clutch pedal pad that the hand uses archives to equip can reduce fuel effectively to use up, improve fuel economy.

Motivation upgrades hold accuse more intense

While section of pursuit science and technology is oily, blessing beauty came to 09 realize dynamic to upgrade, outside dividing afore-mentioned upgrading, peculiar atmosphere pressure sensor also makes car even if is to be in area of high height above sea level, still can hold driving dynamical output.

And adopy Ma Zida's exceedingly good motility and hold charge a sex, blessing beauty comes to 09 have those who surmount the car that be the same as class to hold as before dominate show. Blessing beauty came to 09 introduce the car that be the same as class in special the suspension before the Maifuxun before some is independent and TTL are independent rear overhang of type much connecting rod hangs a system, new mix teachs on the foundation of advanced generation, reduced the vibration of automobile body, assured the exact location of 4 wheels, the list force that can reduce car travel effectively and the fluctuation that control or so wheel are jumpy extent; Before low hind design of high optimal roll axis, prevented the point of view that front pitch, back end promotes effectively, reduce the pitch scope when apply the brake, the stability when increasing to turn; Strengthen model become sectional design of carling batholith structure, the tigidity that strengthened territory under one's control and truckload the beat back ability that the front bumps, make truckload security and hold accuse a gender to get great promotion.

Safety upgrades drive more set one's mind at

Come for years, blessing beauty will going after fuel socioeconomic at the same time, a bit did not ignore its security. Blessing beauty comes to 09 use 3H tall rigid and safe automobile body and side wall of whole of type of an organic whole, european norms is strengthened model bumper makes not only truckload it seems that more full, sedate, can form effective protection more, and the capable person that use data of high polymer polyester and adds bubble cotton is qualitative, also make its are in speed per hour
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