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Beauty of blessing of promotion of 5 great value comes to 09 upgrade appear on t
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Environmental protection upgrades the space is more comfortable

In drive the design that takes a space to go up, blessing beauty came to 09 continue before sweet, comfortable design concept.

2610mmLong wheelbase, short from beginning to end hangs a design to make blessing beautiful come to 09 to have the space inside more more capacious than be the same as class car car; Comprehensive design of concise and newer, refined high-grade door plaque, the supplement that decorates package with wood of steering wheel of style of campaign of 3 spoke type, peach all shows the glamour of fashionable maturity; Because use the seat fabrics of richer simple sense and data of interior trim of environmental protection exquisite, the person that blessing beauty comes to 09 will be multiplied to drive builds the environment inside a health, sweet car.

Blessing beauty comes to 09 use distinctive MDI to exceed halcyon engineering science and technology, use NVH resonance dot to restrain a technology, combine high-tech complex material is qualitative, cooperate brand-new low noise tire, to drive the person that multiply more halcyon let one's thought flow freely space. And the design whole impressions of 3 template is stereo the result is stronger, cooperate peach wood or plating chromium is acted the role of and loudhailer plating chromium acts the role of a circle, more beautiful and delicate; What seat assembles among back row is telescopic headrest is more comfortable also with advantage, conceal Yi Ke to offer the openest hind view to the driver.

Science and technology upgrades item oil is more accurate

Economic item oil is Fumeilaipin all the time the respect of card humanness commend, blessing beauty comes to 09 also make great efforts in oily respect of section of science and technology sufficient.

Taking day is a car the advantage in section oily respect, blessing beauty came to 09 optimize the ECU program of engine again, cooperate Japanese report to install (DENSO) control of electric spray system is unit, computational essence is accurate; Assembly of PCM unifinication motivation controls module, intelligent ground coordinates the work of engine and gear-box, and but according to automatic gear-box each archives oil pressure data, timely ego is adjusted, raised dynamical assembly to match a gender thereby, get first-rate power output; And S-EFI order ignites oily eject more the opportunity that systematic criterion essence allowed to control fuel eject and oily quantity; VICS is alterable and inertial the system that take energy of life more make engine achieves the optimal efficiency that take energy of life from beginning to end below different rotate speed, sufficient play low speed is twisted high, the character with smooth high speed. Below the assurance of multiple science and technology, blessing beauty came to 09 achieve perfect balance between dynamical output and fuel economy.
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