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Beauty of blessing of promotion of 5 great value comes to 09 upgrade appear on t
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On September 19, the blessing beauty that upgrades in the round comes to 09 be exhibited at Chengdu car release formally appear on the market. Upgrade undertook on the foundation that the blessing beauty that appear on the market comes to 09 rely on the character such as item oil in successive Fumeilaike by inside and the 5 great value outside promote in all 15 character upgrade. Blessing beauty comes 09 5 great value promote incorporate: Fourth  of  of ι of  of fourth ⒍ of  of numerous I of fourth ⒒ of  of avoid of duckweed of fourth ⒖ of Lao   steps on   man

Blessing beauty comes to 09 take sea horse car " complete the quality control of a whole process and quality improve a concept (ALL-FOR-QUALITY) " , the E-NOVA-C with synchronous world is truckload evaluation system ensures blessing beauty comes stabler, better quality. Can say 09 blessing beauty comes while the technology gets upgrading, character also got comprehensive promotion.

Push from 2002 to the market up to now, the card had walked along Fumeilaipin 6 year, those who face consumer demand is the multiple test of market of all previous classics, ceaseless upgrade, blessing beauty comes as before stand erect at intermediate car city. Nearly 500 thousand market retains city of quantity, intermediate car " new 3 appearance " beautiful praise, become blessing beauty to come to 09 thick accumulate the thin hair, strong footnote that reveals infinite potential.

Aesthetic upgrades the exterior is more forceful Jun Lang

Brand-new the exterior design that the blessing beauty that appear on the market comes to 09 is the eyeball that deprive a person undoubtedly, with before generation blessing beauty will be compared, blessing beauty comes to 09 appear more forceful He Junlang.

Market momentum aesthetic and functional science and technology come to 09 at the blessing beauty of an organic whole, use kinetic low noise to enter gas grille, can control travel wind a confusion of voices effectively; The headlight before brilliant of black base of stereo cut modelling is gotten, cooperate to use the engine lid that feels full and concise and hale automobile body line, perfect the visual grade that reflected Zhishang elite; The taillight after the C modelling tall brightness of international fashion is combined, illuminant is even and bright, not only safe clew effect is more powerful, more show concise fashion move feeling breath. After comprehensive aesthetic upgrades, blessing beauty comes 09 whole line is more succinct with candid, more the aesthetic preference that accords with modern.
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