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Kelaisile quits concern of can of foreground of platinic acute of associated bra
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Nowadays, 300C close to stop production, and platinic acute also maintains puny market share only. Helping cityEffective prescriptionbelow the circumstance, north runs quickly to break up with what overcome Laisile is to let two models one disaster after another more.

At the outset3 water chestnut3 water chestnutParameter Picture) exit combinationBrandWhen, to be in what boreal steam produces soOu LadeOu LadeParameter Picture) and fast run two products also allege " offer a technology to support " , but these two products already disappeared from the scene however nowadays. Whether can 300C and platinic acute also tread again at the outset the track of an overturned cart of 3 water chestnut?

The technology is faced with after 4 years " run out of grain "

Overcome Laisileya at present continent business department also makes a statement say, "' agreement of cooperation of 6 years of technologies ' still lie period of efficacy. "' agreement of cooperation of 6 years of technologies ' still lie period of efficacy..

As we have learned, beijing runs quickly and the gram is made clear in the technical cooperation agreement that Laisile signs make clear, fromKelaisile 300CKelaisile 300CParameter Picture) the sun with platinic acute put into production rises, inside 6 years effective. Namely 300C accredit use agreement will expire 2012, and the contract of platinic acute will be fulfilled expired 2013.

However, brand image of Kelaisile has not achieve enough market appeal power in China, the market that thinks safeguard 300C and platinic acute are current became a big question. Wait for after 2012, of the model correct the technical problem such as paragraph, replacementSolveAlso will subsequently " run out of grain " .

To this, beijing runs quickly when the relevant controller Wang Danfeng of platinic acute project accepts a reporter to interview, express, "Specific plan has not emerged, but OK and affirmative is, platinic acute won't stop production. Because platinic acute still has particular market at present, but authority of the following sale will turn possibly to Kelaisile China is taken over. " that is to say, CJ agency will run quickly to Beijing no longer henceforth shift a car, however by Kelaisile China runs quickly to Beijing shift a car, turn and send CJ dealer.
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