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Kelaisile quits concern of can of foreground of platinic acute of associated bra
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Wear Mu to strap ·Run quicklyRun quicklyParameter Picture) , KelaisileKelaisileParameter Picture) andBoreal steamTripartite is preliminary already come to an agreement, kelaisile will be exitedBeijing runs quicklyBeijing runs quicklyParameter Picture) . At present each Founder undertakes intense discussion around compensation program, at the appointed time, modelTechnology, authority of sale channel, sale multinomial decisive " belongings " attributive will produce major change.

Although overcome what Laisile and boreal steam sign when 2005 " agreement of cooperation of 6 years of technologies " give current300C300CParameter Picture) andPlatinic acutePlatinic acuteParameter Picture) provided certain safeguard, but the market current situation that fares badly with respect to these two models, add " break up " the influence after, its did not live problem still not hopeful.

300C nobody asks a few months

A Shanghai overcomes Laisile - JEEP agency (agency of CJ of the following abbreviation) expressed when accepting a reporter to interview a few days ago: "We heard platinic acute and 300C may the message of stop production, specific announcement manufacturer has not been released. Specific announcement manufacturer has not been released..

Although before thisDodgeDodgeParameter Forum Picture) a few subordinate models merge into CJ network, but the expression of all models in this network is not quite at present hopeful. "300C already a few months do not have activity, do not have a car, also do not haveThe person asks; Dodge sells basically also do not move; Platinic acute follows JEEPGuideline personGuideline personParameter Picture) relatively better, a month can sell every car more than 10. " this dealer shows, "If platinic acute leaves CJ network, the form that we are faced withSituation generalQuite austere. Quite austere..
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