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Nearly 4 transfer to be become only into consumer go 4S inn displacement
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Two because the stock market is small,express to confuse the setting that waits for an element to defer to buy a car to fall into much consumer, only 4 become customer express to be able to consider to buy a car in four quarters, manufacturer of a few months mixes future the day of agency still not relaxed.

● 6 do not have into consumer of short duration buy intention

Findings shows, 4 state into much consumer of short duration won't buy a car, and two into express to still do not decide, the great majority in consumer still is in hold money to wait for buy. This lets future the car city of a few months is not relaxed.

● 1.6L discharges an amount into gold

Investigation shows, the consumer of 55% can choose 1.6L (contain) - the model between 2.0L, this and be identical of market condition photograph, look 1.6L model replaces 2.0L model to become gold to discharge an amount already.

The interval of additionally two match each other in strength is 1.0L-1.5L (is contained respectively) contain with 2.0L() - 2.5L (contain) , these two interval centered main high-quality goods car and in advanced name car.

● 80 thousand - 200 thousand concentration is inducted

80 thousand - 120 thousand yuan (contain) and 120 thousand - 200 thousand yuan (contain) two interval were centered each 32% with the consumer of 34% , add up the scale of 66% . This price interval centered main class A vehicle and high-quality goods car, and the 2.0L model of B class car.

● golden week has your work hard to be

Only the consumer of 5% expresses to be able to buy a car before the golden week, the consumer of 11% buys a car in October portion, the consumer of about half expresses to buy a car before new year's day, and 3 can be into consumer before the Spring Festival January, look the height of car city wants when the end of the year, in October, November can be get warm again after a cold spell is small go up only in tone.

● is close 4 transfer into consumer

Nearly 4 should transfer into consumer this brought greater progress motive force to two handcart market.

● life character is to buy a car advocate because of

3 expressing to buy a car into consumer is to promote the life quality, enlarge life radius; Cannot of small gaze is two buy a car into consumer is to receive send the child, and because the unit leaves home,becoming customer is far must buy a car.

● first time buys a car still is the mainstream

6 state into consumer oneself are to buy a car for the first time, 3 becoming is the 2nd, and had bought the 3rd into consumer more perhaps.

3 compartment of ● the car still is brunt
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