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Because leopard of nimble of safety belt problem removes recall China to sell 84
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If you have XF of 09 nimble leopard, so you should drive immediately your love car answers what go checking safety belt over there agency to assemble a problem. Nimble leopard declared a ground a few days ago " recall of blemish car product administers a regulation " requirement, to the country qualitative check total bureau handed over recall to report, the decision has car of recall part XF from September 22. This recall involves car to be came on October 22, 2007 the car of nimble leopard XF that produces during May 22, 2008, add up to in Chinese market 840.

According to explanation of nimble leopard respect, because annulus of form of D of safety belt of the side outside back row seat assembles a problem,this second recall place involves XF model all is, annulus of form of block up D / the freedom of washerbed down the livestock is rotational. In more serious car collision accident, this blemish can limit the function of system of safety belt of back row seat. Consequently the likelihood is in the accident, backlash passenger perhaps won't by be manacled correctly or cannot pull out likely in outlet of the safety belt below emergency, bring hidden trouble for the passenger. Limited company of nimble leopard car expresses to will be opposite the car inside recall limits undertakes the overhaul in order to eliminate hidden danger.

Put in the back row safety belt of hidden trouble

Before Motor Corporation will inform leopard of relevant client, nimble maintains a center to undertake be checked freely and be maintaininged to car toward nearby accredit. Relevant client still can dial 800-820-8955 of service hot line or 400-820-8955 undertakes advisory. The user also can log onto of net of recall of of website of management center of product of blemish of total bureau of national qualitative check and Chinese car, or dial a country 010-59799616 of hotline of management center of product of blemish of qualitative check total bureau, 65537365, know the detailed information of this recall.

This domestic recall is thing of incident of recall of overseas of limited company of nimble leopard car alternately the action after the month, and same reason causes limited company of nimble leopard car to be in early 936 in the 8000 XF model that announced place of market of recall North America makes work on August 20 and German market same models, all car identifying number that involve recall are R22-438.

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